Opal deployment

The Opal toolkit has been used to deploy several scientific applications as Web services, such as Autodock, PDB2PQR, MEME, Continuity, Blast, APBS, Babel, etc. Opal is being used by several projects for their production infrastructures.

Below a list of projects running Opal (to be added to this list e-mail nbcr-admin A T ucsd.edu):

Applications that use Opal services

List of applications that use the Opal Toolkit for access to remote scientific applications. See NBCR webser for a more comprehensive list of applications:

  • MGLTools: The MGLTools suite can access Opal-based Web services on remote clusters to help with visualization and analysis of molecular structures.
  • Kepler: The Kepler workflow management software distributes workflow examples which couple Opal-based web services for MEME and MAST.
  • PDB2PQR Web Submission Form: This provides a Web interface to launch PDB2PQR jobs on NBCR resources, also exposed as Opal services
  • Gemstone: Many of the web services developed using the Opal toolkit are available for access via Gemstone, which is a Mozilla Firefox-based rich client framework.