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NBCR has limited amount of computing resources available for use by NBCR researchers, and collaborators in Driving Biomedical Projects (DBP) and Collaboration and Service Projects.

For account request, please send email to with the following information:

  1. Your official Email address from your organization (No Gmail, or other non-educational domain addresses).
  2. Your Title and Organization and address
  3. Your NIH Grant Number or Your PI's NIH Grant Number, and period of funding
  4. Your PI's Email Address if different
  5. Your PI's Title and Organization and address if different
  6. Your Project Description (300~500 words)
  7. NBCR Investigator with whom your proposed project is going to be carried out
  8. Past project publications that have resulted from collaboration with NBCR Researchers, if you have previously used our resources.
  9. Any special resource requirement you may need
  10. You must agree to acknowledge NBCR award number (P41 GM103426) in any resulting publications in the work, and provide annual progress update up to one year after your use of the resource.

Your request will be reviewed by our allocation committee, and processed within one week of email request.

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