SI2007 Cluster and Grid Computing

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General Information

Time: 9 am to 12 pm

Location: PFBH 161

  • Wednesday, Aug 1, Rocks Cluster Environment and Application Deployment
    Instructors: Robert Konecny, Anoop Rajendra
    This session covers the academic computing environment based on Rocks, and covers the general architecture, network requirements, storage and performance tuning. It is targeted for both administrators and users of Rocks clusters, with an emphasis on performance benchmarking of applications, and trouble shooting the bottle necks. In addition, the development of Rock'n Rolls, a software distribution mechanism for Rocks, is illustrated using APBS and the Bio Rolls. A walking tour of the Calit2 machine room is included.
    Bio Roll Presentation
    APBS Roll Presentation
  • Friday, Aug 3, Accessing National and International TeraScale Resources
    Instructors: Nancy Wilkins-Diehr, Peter Arzberger, Zhaohui Ding
    I don't have enough computing resources. What else is available? How do I take advantage of national and international TeraScale resources?
    We will hear from Nancy Wilkins-Diehr about the TeraGrid, and from Peter Arzberger about the PRAGMA grid. The speakers will introduce the Grid infrastructures, and present how it can be useful to you as a scientific end-user. Zhaohui will also provide a tutorial on using CSF4 and Condor to access PRAGMA resources.
    TeraGrid Science Gateways
    PRAGMA Grid Overview
    Using CSF4 and OSG to Access PRAGMA and NBCR Resources
    Gfarm user guide

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