SI2007 Molecular Electrostatics and Diffusion

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General Information

Time: 9 to 12 am

Location: TSRI Training Lab, Room 310, 3377 N. Torrey Pines Ct

Prerequisites: Basic UNIX knowledge required. Some scripting (Python, Perl, bash, etc.) background helpful. Math background important (at least calculus, ideally differential equations).

Software Requirements

Before running APBS tutorials in the Scripps computational lab do the following to set up correct environment:

source /home/user0/Track5/bin/init.csh

Principles and practices in protein electrostatics calculations

Instructor: Nathan Baker, Ph.D.
online tutorial

Applications of SMOL and analysis of results

Instructor: Yuhui Cheng, Ph.D.
SMOL Intro
SMOL Tutorial

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