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General Information

Time: 2 to 5 pm

Location: PFBH 161


  • Tuesday, July 31, Developing MPI Applications for Large Clusters
    Instructors: Tim Kaiser, Jane Ren
    Start with basic MPI programming techniques, this series expands into parallel programming, debugging and optimization of codes, including the development and use of MyMPI.
    Introduction to MPI
    MyMPI - Parallel Programming in Python
  • Wednesday, Aug 1, New Programming Models
    Instructors: Tim Kaiser, Luca Clementi
    How to use new programming models to take advantage of emerging architectures?
    Where are machines going?
    Small scale SMP parallelism
    Combined OpenMP and MPI
    Large scale parallelism issues
    Example of fault tolerance using standard MPI-2
    Bag of task parallelism
  • Thursday, Aug 2, Numerical Libraries for Scientific Computing
    Instructors: Yuhui Cheng, Jane Ren
    How to leverage scientific libraries such as LAPACK, PETsC, FETK, SPRNG

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