SI2009 Computational Cardiac Electrophysiology and Mechanics

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General Information

The track is geared towards researchers in the computational cardiac electrophysiology and mechanics, who are interested in tissue to organ level modeling using the multiscale problem solving environment, Continuity. Users interested in nano to mesoscale modeling may see Track 6.

Participants will learn to use Continuity to model various aspects of cardiac mechanics and electrophysiology, including action potential propagation, reaction-diffusion, ionic models for, finite modeling and mesh fitting, ventricular wall mechanics, stress analysis and ventricular-vascular coupling. Advanced users are encouraged to exchange ideas with the instructors ahead of time.

Each session includes lectures and hands on exercises.

Projected Outcome By the end of the sessions, the participants should be able to gain a working knowledge of Continuity, how to use the equation editor, set up finite element models, mesh fitting, and perform dynamic compilation before solving the systems of PDE’s and ODE’s using cluster computing resources. Users will also learn how to set up your own library of models or use existing models distributed with Continuity.

Instructors: Andrew McCulloch, Ph.D., Roy Kerckhoffs, Ph.D.

Time M-F, 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm, Aug 3-7, 2009

Location PFBH PC Lab Room 161

Prerequisite Familiarity with the Unix environment is recommended but not required. A strong math background and familiarity with image processing are a plus. Basic knowledge of cardiac biology is required.


  • Monday, Introduction to Multiscale Modeling of the Heart
    Instructor: Andrew McCulloch, Ph.D., Fred Lionetti
    Getting Started
  • Tuesday, Finite Element Discretization and Anatomic Mesh Fitting
    Instructor: Andrew McCulloch, Ph.D., Fred Lionetti
    Getting Started with Fitting
  • Wednesday, Modeling in Cardiac Electrophysiology
    Instructor: Andrew McCulloch, Ph.D., Jasmin Aguado-Sierra, Ph.D.
  • Thursday, Modeling Cardiac Biomechanics
    Instructor: Andrew McCulloch, Ph.D., Roy Kerckhoffs, Ph.D.
  • Friday, Modeling Coupled Cardiac Electromechanics
    Instructor: Andrew McCulloch, Ph.D., Stuart Campbell

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