SI2009 Programming Scientific Workflows

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General Information

The track is geared towards workflow developers, as opposed to workflow users. However, users interested in building simple workflows from existing libraries of workflow modules would also benefit.

Users will learn how to use the Vision workflow and visual programming environment to build workflows for molecular visualization, image processing, and coupling different applications into a computational pipeline through the development of Vision nodes. Uses will also learn how to develop complex workflows using remote Opal based web services for distributing long running jobs to remote resources including the TeraGrid. How to develop Vision nodes based on local applications or remote web services.

Each session includes lectures and hands on exercises.

Projected Outcome By the end of the sessions, the developers should be able to develop computational biology workflows using the Vision workflow environment, with an enhanced understanding of the types of workflow modules already available. Advanced developers should be able to develop customized workflow modules and make them available for other users to develop workflows using drag'n drop workflow composition.

Instructors: Michel Sanner, Ph.D., Guillaume Vareille, Ph.D. Luca Clementi, Jane Ren, Wilfred Li, Ph.D., Yuan Luo

Time M-F, 9 am to 12 pm, Aug 3-7, 2009

Location TSRI Training Lab

Prerequisite Familiarity with Python is required. Basic understanding of cluster, grid/cloud computing, and remotely accessible web services is highly beneficial (see Track 1 of this Summer Institute). MGLTools 1.5.6 beta rev36 is required to complete all tutorials.

  • Tuesday, Vision based workflow application development
    Instructor: Michel Sanner, Ph.D., Guillaume Vareille, Ph.D
  • Wednesday, Extending PMV using Vision
    Instructor: Michel Sanner, Ph.D., Guillaume Vareille, Ph.D
  • Friday, Customized application scenarios, Advanced topics
    Instructor: All

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