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General Information

The track is geared towards cyberinfrastructure developers, including scientific software developers. However, users interested in accessing web service portals or workflow environments would also find this track useful.

Users will learn how to use various types of computing environments through direct logins or through Web services coupled to scalable back-end infrastructures. The computing infrastructure covered include Rocks cluster environment, TeraGrid, and the Amazon EC2 based cloud computing environment. The Web services interface and portal environment to the computing infrastructure will be illustrated using the Opal toolkit, which exposes scientific applications as Web services to visualization tools and workflow environments. Advanced topics such as Metascheduling, Grid monitoring and workflow tools will also be introduced.

Each session includes lectures and some hands on exercises.

Projected Outcome By the end of the sessions, the developers should be able to understand the types of computing environments available, and how to deploy scientific applications with the scalability required by end users. Participants should be have sufficient knowledge to deploy physical or virtual clusters. They will also be able to deploy applications as Opal based Web services, and provide basic Web interfaces or portal environments for accessing these application level services in a transparent fashion.

Instructors: Anoop Rajendra, Phil Papadopoulos, Ph.D., Nadya Williams, Sriram Krishnan, Ph.D.

Time M-Th, 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm, Aug 2-6, 2010

Location: Atkinson Hall, Room 3004

Prerequisites Familiarity with Unix environment is helpful but NOT required.


  • Wednesday, Virtualization and Cloud Computing (Speakers: Philip Papadopoulous, Ph.D.)
    Introduction to Virtualization
    Virtualization on Rocks Clusters
    Introduction to Cloud Computing
    Amazon Web Services: An Example of a Public Cloud, and Condor Flocking with AWS

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