SI2006 Cardiac Systems Biology and Biomechanics

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  • Tuesday, Aug 8, Modeling myocyte excitation-contraction coupling and its regulation
    Instructors: Andrew McCulloch, Ph.D., Anushka Michailova, Ph.D., Sarah Flaim Ph.D., Stuart Campbell, Fred Lionetti
    Lecture notes on cardiac myocyte modeling ppt pdf
    Continuity Exercises
  • Wednesday, Aug 9, Finite element discretization and mesh fitting
    Instructors: Andrew McCulloch, Ph.D., Fred Lionetti
    Lecture notes on meshes and anatomic fitting ppt pdf
    Continuity Exercises
  • Thursday, Aug 10, Monodomain modeling in cardiac electrophysiolog
    Instructors: Sarah Flaim, Ph.D., Fred Lionetti, Andrew McCulloch, Ph.D.
    Lecture notes on monodomain modeling ppt pdf
    Continuity Exercises
  • Friday, Aug 11, Cardiac biomechanics and electromechanics modeling
    Instructors: Andrew McCulloch, Ph.D., Stuart Campbell, Fred Lionetti
    Lecture notes on biomechanics modeling ppt pdf
    Continuity Exercises

Suggested Reading

Introduction and background to cardiac modeling

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Meshes and anatomic fitting

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Electrophysiology models Rudy R, Silva JR (2006) Computational biology in the study of cardiac ion channels and cell electrophysiology. Quarterly Reviews of Biophysics, pages 1-60.

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Biomechanics and electromechanics models

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