SI2008 Virtual Screening and Computer Aided Drug Design

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General Information

This track will cover the Relaxed Complex Scheme using Molecular Dynamics Simulations and virtual screening using AutoDock and AutoDockTools.

Time: 1 pm to 5 pm

Location: PFBH 161


  • Tuesday, Aug 5, Using AutoDock with AutoDockTools
    Instructor: David Goodsell, Ruth Huey
    Users will learn how to use ADT to set up docking experiments, basics in parameter optimization, and an introduction to the use of Opal-based web services for docking analysis.
    AutoDock4 Tutorial
  • Wednsday, Aug 6, Using AutoDock for Virtual Screening
    Instructor: Ruth Huey, David Goodsell, Alex Perryman
    Users will learn how to set up large scale virtual screening experiments using AutoDock through a well established tutorial. The use of Vision and Opal based web service for large scale virtual screening will be introduced.
    Virtual Screening

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